Medic Unit to be Stationed at Sadsburyville
By Sadsburyville Fire/Rescue
August 27, 2022

The Sadsburyville Fire Company has unanimously decided to house a medic unit at our station to provide advanced life support services to the Sadsburyville community. This came to fruition after the closure of our local hospital and the current ALS provider migrating north, essentially not providing to this area any longer. This is being operated by the Westwood Fire Company who currently provide ALS and BLS to 5 municipalities in the greater Coatesville area.

With the addition of our engine room, it has allowed us the space to make this decision. In 2020 the company built a 6-bay addition to house all of our apparatus indoors, something that has not happened in our history. This made happen by our volunteers who did a lot of work to offset cost and years of fundraising.

Recently with Medic 93 discontinuing services to this area, we immediately wanted to help with a solution. We were asked by the Westwood Fire Company if a medic unit could be housed at our station. Our members met and decided this was a great move forward for our fast-growing community.

Starting September 1st, 2022, Medic 344-1 will be the primary provider of ALS to Sadsbury Township responding from our fire station on First Avenue in Sadsburyville.

Units: Station 31
Mutual Aid: Station 44