Rural Water Supply Training
By Sadsburyville Fire/Rescue
August 15, 2022

Our crews conducted a water supply training with our regional mutual aid partners from Westwood, Wagontown and Keystone Valley.

Firefighters from SFC set up as the first due engine in attack mode and second due engine as supply for the first due in a rural water operation. Initially tankers used a Siamese 5” clapper valve to supply the scene then switched to portable tank operations.

This training was conducted on Gunnard Carlson Drive in Sadsbury Township. These are the same fire companies that we utilize on a first alarm structure fire in our fire district. Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to assist us in our mission.

Units: Engine 31, Rescue 31
Mutual Aid: Tanker 35, Engine 44-5, Engine 08, Ladder 08, Tanker 08