Auto Accident with Entrapment on Route 10
By Sadsburyville Fire/Rescue
April 2, 2021

Sadsburyville Fire/Rescue and mutual aid EMS were dispatched at 0210 hours to Route 10 north of Route 30 in Sadsbury Township for an auto accident with entrapment. The PA State Police were on location and confirmed one subject was trapped in the vehicle and was injured.

Assistant 31 arrived first due and reported a multi-vehicle accident and the entrapment vehicle was located in West Sadsbury Township. Chief 31 added Rescue 08 to the assignment due to this now being in a Keystone Valley Local. Assistant 31 established the Route 10 command and requested fire police from mutual aid partners to close Route 10 in all directions.

Engine 31-1 with a crew of 4 arrived at 0219 and immediately firefighters went in service to extricate the trapped victim. Firefighters deployed hydraulic rescue tools for set up and stabilized the car. Crews immediately began opening the doors of the vehicle and rapidly removing the roof to open up for EMS and extricate the patient.

Sadsburyville Firefighters and EMS had the patient extricated by 0229 hours and in the back of Ambulance 08 with Medic 93 for transport to a local trauma center. Keystone Valley Tac 08 and Squad 08 arrived and assisted with post rescue.

All units cleared the scene at 0245 hours with the exception of fire police.

Units: Engine 31-1, Utility 31
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 08, Squad 08, Tac 08, Medic 93, Traffic 35