Building Fire on Independence Way, West Caln Township
By Fire Chief Adam Grossman
October 9, 2020

On October 9th, 2020 at 0909 hours the Sadsburyville Fire Company and mutual aid were dispatched to assist the Wagontown Fire Company on a building fire in the 500 block of Independence Way in West Caln Township. The caller reported smoke in duct work inside of the manufacturing facility.

Arriving first due, Engine 31-1 and Ladder 41-1 investigated the call with nothing showing. These units took position on the Delta side near where the report indicated the fire. Additional units arrived taking position to supply Engine 31-1 and the Charlie side to access the collection bin.

The mobile tactical command reported no fire at the time and was working with the on site staff to ensure no embers went through the duct work and into the collection area of wood shavings. Firefighters spent the next half hour mitigating the situation and fortunately determined to be no extension.

Engine 31-2 stood by at the fire hydrant to supply the scene and Utility 31 provided traffic control to the scene. All units cleared after about 45 minutes of being on scene.

Units: Engine 31-2, Engine 31-2, Command 31, Utility 31