Monday Night Brings More Training
By Fire Chief Adam Grossman
July 31, 2017

When it comes to firefighters at Sadsburyville, one things for sure is their dedication to training. Every week crew members gather to improve upon their skills and learn new techniques as well as taking formal classes at the county and state levels. This past Monday was not any different bringing in a Chester County Rescue Instructor to teach Basic Rigging for Rope Rescue.

The classroom portion of this was 3 hours for the night which reviewed various topics in regards to rope construction, equipment familiarization and hall system recognition.

Ropes and the associated Rigging equipment that we carry on our Rescue-Engine, can be used to Rescue people that may be in remote locations where it isn't safe to walk like up road embankments or steep hills.

Tonight's training was also conducted with members of the Westwood Fire Company. In the future weeks we will congregate again for more sessions and perform simulated rescues using ropes and rigging equipment.

Members began a training series on ropes and rigging.
Members began a training series on ropes and rigging.