Personnel Engage at the Training Campus
By Fire Chief Adam Grossman
July 24, 2017

For tonight's training our crew members traveled to the Public Safety Training Center located in South Coatesville for a class on the new Mobile Data Computers (MDC). The training was specifically on their software and use by the end user.

An MDC is in all of our apparatus and is used to make status changes with the 911 center like we are responding to or clearing a call for service. Pertinent information about the incident or location can be received and transmitted from these computers. Information would include the notes taking from the person that called 911, site information or responder safety.

Tonight's session was in a classroom setting and was led by William C. Meadowcroft Jr. and Brad Reinert, both responders themselves in their respective communities. Both men are employed by the Department of Emergency Services and do a great job working with the end users in the technical division.

SFC personnel in MDC training at the training campus.
SFC personnel in MDC training at the training campus.